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I'm author Keli Marie...

I'm a lover of God, wife to Adilson, and mom to El and Addi. I am also a new author of the book "Safeguarding Your Child's Spiritual Health." On this site you can expect to join me as I continue to grow/explore my relationship with God, venture into herbalist endeavors, share my love for sewing, cooking, and crafting, as well as a few things regarding parenting and being a wife. I hope you'll stay a while and take what you can from what I share.


My debut book is available NOW for purchase over on A helpful book to assist your family in dealing with spiritual warfare in a practical manner, that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. A great read for any parent who wants to teach their child great spiritual health habits, that they can implement on their own.

Safeguarding Your Child's Spiritual Heal
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