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I came across this piece of scripture the other day, and upon reading it, it literally made me just stop and worship God for a moment. I even picked up the phone and called up a friend to talk about how powerful this one little piece of scripture was to me.

I encourage you to read it yourself and let the words sink in for a moment. "The Lord...Weighs...The Heart."

What this resonated to me was that God, in spite of what we say and do, He weighs... our heart. Our heart, to me, speaks our intentions, our hurt, our fear, our desperation, our love behind what we do and say. God not only knows our heart, and hears it, but he WEIGHS it. He knows how much we care, and how heavy, and how strong our intentions, or hurt, or fear, or love effects us. And he weighs that in our judgement.

He isn't just looking at what we said/did, or why we said/did it, but he is weighing how it affected our spirit, because that is what He speaks to and where He deals with us. In our hearts/spirits.

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