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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Sharing my love for an amazing devotional series by author David Ramos.

Aloha friends! I wanted to share with you all this gem of a series that I happened upon last year, and have been reading through ever since.

The books are by an author named David Ramos. I started out with the book "Climbing with Abraham", then moved on to "Escaping with Jacob"(my fave thus far, :-), and I am now reading "Enduring with Job." I have loved each and every one of these books, and plan to continue on through the rest of the series. Ramos gives great insight into the journeys of each of these heroes in a way that brought me closer not only to the heroes of these stories but also to God.

Many of the lessons learned in these devotionals I have been able to apply to my own life. And I love that at the end of each day's devotional Ramos includes a "Takeaway" and a "Prayer" pertaining to that day's devotional message.

I have been sharing this series with all of my friends and family and thought it only right to also share with you all. I have been reading these through my kindle unlimited app, each book individually. However, if you click on the photo below it is linked to the book, which combines all the devotionals into one great book. These individual books are also available on Apple books app. (I believe the "Climbing with Abraham" is a free read on Apple books, but don't quote me on that. ;-)

If you decide to give this series a try I would love to hear your thoughts on the books as well in the comments, or if you have read already please share your review for others in the comments.



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