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Restoring an old piano to create a piano room.

My daughter plays piano and was recently given a piano by a family member. We were extremely thankful for the kind gift but wanted to give it a facelift before we brought it into the house.

I decided that I would create a Piano Room, in my old office space at the front of the house. I had a vision for this space (which is almost complete!) and the piano would be the centerpiece of the room. My husband also has some African/Brazillian instruments that he brought back from his trip to Ghana, and that were gifted to him by a Brazillian friend.

The theme for the space would be tribal/modern. So I wanted to use classic black and white colors, with wood incorporated as well. The first piece to start transforming of course was the piano. I originally had planned to sand it all down and then paint it black. However, upon trying to sand it, I realized that that was a project I was not willing to dive into. So I went to my favorite DIY item of choice....Spray Paint!

I linked the specific type of spray paint that I used down below. I went over to my go-to home repair store Home Depot and got a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover in the Semi-Gloss Black. I covered the keys in painter's plastic drop cloth, and then proceeded to spray away, section by section. Once the first coat dried after a couple of hours, I went back over the whole thing with a second coat. I let it all dry overnight, prior to bringing in the piano indoors.

I love the results! you can still see some areas where the old brown color shows through in some corners and creases but I like that, and haven't gone back and covered them. It makes it look a little worn in.

Once I finish assembling everything in the room, I will be sure to post the final pics of the Piano Room, which has already become a new gathering space for all in the house.

Have you ever restored a piano, or used spray paint for a restoration project? If so what brands do yu love? Please share in the comments, so others can get some additional ideas and encouragement for their own projects.

Mahalo, and Aloha!


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