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Easy Buttermilk Dump Biscuits Recipe

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

A few years ago I came across this recipe for "Swim Biscuits" on Pinterest, and it has since become a favorite in our home.

One day last year when I wanted to make the biscuits, I relaized I ran out of flour, so I decided to deviate from the recipe and use pancake mix as a substitute for what I was missing in flour. Of course since pancake mix has more added to it, than just flour, I had to adjust the measurements of the other ingredients in the original recipe as well.

Well my deviation paid off! The biscuits were still AMAZING, and they actually came out even more fluffy than with just the flour.

For the original recipe, you can follow this link over at the Instrupix blog. For my deviated recipe see below:


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