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The story of Hannah giving Samuel to God always moves in my spirit.

When you try to imagine how much she wanted this child and then to give him up to God, after God blesses her with him. I can only imagine the mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles she might have had to go through to make that choice.

Just trying to think about anything I have ever wanted so bad that I cried, and had sleepless nights, and prayed for, only to finally be blessed with it, knowing that I would have to let it go so soon....

That has to be a hard decision to come to terms with. Granted she was turning him over to God so there is comfort in that. If she was spiritually mature enough, I am sure she understood Samuel was God’s child truly in the end. However still,....she is human and we love our children especially one that we had to wait for, in what seemed like an eternity.

I am grateful for Hannah’s story and the example she left in showing what true faith looks like and surrendering to God’s plan despite how bad you may want something.

Have you ever had to surrender something over to God, that you loved. What mental, and/or emotional things did you struggle with? Let me know in the comments.

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