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Italian Stew Recipe

A recipe I came up with on a whim, that turned out to be a big hit with my family!

Italian stew

Last week, I was in a cooking rut. I have been basically cooking three meals a day since this whole Covid thing has come underway. So, I decided that I wanted to experiment and try some new things using items I already had.

This recipe is one of the creations I came up with. It was inspired by Polenta. (To me Polenta is basically Italian grits, lol) I had already taken out stew meat from the freezer and had planned to make my traditional beef stew recipe. Yet, deciding that I wanted to instead figure out a way to use the stew meat with the polenta, I came up with what I am calling “Italian Stew”.

I estimated the ingredients since I was making this up as I went, and typed up the recipe below. I mixed the polenta with grits and Parmesan cheese, and served the stew over top of the mixture.

My family LOVED this! My husband said it was his favorite dish that I have made all year, lol. Everyone had seconds! (Which I usually don’t allow my kids to do for health reasons, but it was such a hit I made an exception ;-))

I hope if you try it out, your family loves it as much as mine. Enjoy!

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