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You can now connect with me through my new podcast!

So, I did a thing....I started a new podcast show titled "Authentic Fellowship w/ Keli Marie"!

I am super excited about this new way to connect with my readers and people in general. I started recording episodes back in February, but only recently started sharing the news. I wanted to have a couple of episodes available for you all, prior to sharing.

So, if you haven't already, please consider giving it a listen on pretty much all platforms where podcasts are available, including here on my site!

To give you a little synopsis of what you will find on the show, I am basically sharing advice and life lessons I have learned, that has allowed me to be at a more peaceful and joy-filled place in life. I want that for everyone, so why not share these valuable life lessons with you all? However, although this is fellowship, it's important to remember its fellowship with me, in my authentic way. No heirs, or judgments just me and a microphone sharing and fellowshipping with you all.

So if you have time while taking a drive or doing some chores, take a listen and give me your feedback! I am open and excited to hear what you all have to say.



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