Seeing the intangible blessings/ Being grateful

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Starting the day giving thanks to God and just reflecting over the simplest things to be grateful for, can really set the mood for the day.

Here are the things that first come to mind that I like to give God thanks for each day:

  • our relationship. Our friendship. The fact that I have the ability to just come to God in that moment, is a blessing to me.

  • His love. His unwavering and undeserved, unconditional love for me. In all the ways that I am so unworthy of His love, He gives it to me anyway because He believes I deserve it. That in itself humbles me. Makes me want to give and love Him more, and yet I know that even when I give it all I have, it still isn’t enough for what He deserves. Which brings me to the next thing I am grateful for.

  • His commitment/ belief in what I am worth, even when I don’t believe in that worth myself. I am grateful for His example of how to love and accept myself in all my flawed ways. If God can love and accept me, then surely I can do the same. I am grateful that because of this, I want to give Him a better version of myself, but understand that He loves me through the epic fuck ups that I will have along the road to that better version of me.

There is so much to be grateful for each day, if you just take the time to really see the blessings of your life beyond the physically tangible things. Your spirit can be blessed even if your tangible life seems like it isn’t. Look beyond what you can physically see, and trust in your spirit and the bond that you have with God.


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