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Spiritual Epiphanies: Earth is an extension of God, so why does man fight over it?

This is the first of a new series I want to begin on the blog. Sometimes I have these random spiritual epiphanies while doing regular everyday task. When I have them they usually happen pretty quickly and begin to unravel down a rabbit hole, and I sometimes am afraid that I will forget they even came to me. So I have decided I will try to put them here. My hope is that maybe others will weigh in on the thoughts and add their opinions or maybe it will help someone. You will find that I usually write these as though they are to someone personal. This is because when I have these moments I usually try and text it to one of my best friends, so that I can get them out of my head. So, I am sharing them with the blog the same way. This first one came to me while getting dressed this morning:

Interesting that God is the world. Every living thing is an extension of Him including this earth and the universe, yet man fights and kills over the resources of this earth which are really just pieces of Him. It’s crazy that people fight over something that truly belongs to none of us. All of the laws and restrictions have all been created by man in order to try and create social and monetary hierarchy amongst ourselves because certain people want to feel “special” and envied by others in order to gain self worth. Basically because they really don’t want to accept that their worth is found in their relationship with the very God that they are choosing to exploit and monopolize in illegitimate human truths that spiritually hold no weight. Crazy.

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